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Anonymous asked:
I was watching the gameplay of The latest naruto game. As I was watching a naruhina scene, someone had mentioned that they heard of naruhina being cousins. That tripped me out a bit. True or false?

Definitely false.

Anonymous asked:
That's a pretty name.

Thank you so much! *wipes tears*

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Anonymous asked:
Wait, is your name really Patience? wOAH

ha ha, yeah…
it tends to bring out this reaction in people

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Anonymous asked:
whats your name

Patience :-)

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Anonymous asked:
when will you continuing to do facts on naruto?????

I’m not sure at this point, sorry.

Anonymous asked:
Im been watching naruto forever and was just re watching the series on YouTube but I can't find naruto shippuden episode 51 English sub they are just giving me regular naruto. Please help and does naruto ever bring sauske back to the hidden leaf village?

I’m not sure how late I am on this but rather than use Youtube, I would recomnend using narutoget because it has all released episodes and movies that have been released so far (dubbed and subbed). As for Naruto bringing Sasuke back, it has yet to be revealed what will happen.

Anonymous asked:
Can you just give this page to someone who can post regularly? Or just get a co-runner of the blog so there can be more posted

Sorry, but no. I would never give my blog to someone else and I tried to do the whole co-runner thing before and it didn’t quite work out.